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New Year's Resolutions You Will Keep

Do you find it difficult to keep your New Year's resolutions? Well this blog post might just be the solution to your problem! Here are a few fun resolution ideas that you will definitely pursue till the end!

A Daily Thought Journal

A few months ago, my friend explained that she had kept a daily thought journal during an entire year. The purpose behind this journal was to write a thought or quote that had meant something to her that day. For the entire year of 2018, she committed herself to jotting down a short sentence or quote that had stood out to her that day. In the end, she came out of the year with an entire journal filled with meaningful memories. She explained that although at first, she had doubted the usefulness of such a journal, she quickly realized how important it had become to her. Not only did it give her something to look forward to each day, it also made her value the little things that much more.

This idea of a thought journal instantly appealed to me. I cannot count the number of times that I have picked up a diary but failed to commit to it because of a lack of time. With our busy schedules, writing a daily diary entry can be quite difficult to maintain. This thought journal, on the other hand, requires only a sentence or two each day. Whether you buy a beautiful hardcover notebook, or one you create yourself, you can customize the journal to be your own. And in the end, you will come out of the year with a meaningful recollection of your year.

100 Happy Days

I can personally attest to the effectivenes of the 100 Happy Days. A few years ago, I committed myself to fulfilling this challenge through pictures posted on Instagram. Just like the thought journal, this challenged me to take five minutes out of every day to post about something that brought me happiness. With our busy schedules, we often tend to overlook the importance of appreciating the moment and environment we are in. In fact, 71% of the people that failed at this challenge, cited a lack of time as the main reason. Realizing how little I did things I purely enjoyed, I decided to take up the challenge, and succeeded 100 days later. 

If you want to participate, all you have to do is register on the official website and then choose your favorite platform to submit a picture of what made you happy every day. Although I chose to pursue the challenge purely for myself, you can also decide to use the public hashtag #100HAPPYDAYS along with your own personalized hashtag to win an official 100 Happy Days Certificate in the end. 

Write a Novel Through Nanowrimo

Have you ever wanted to write your own novel? Well, why not do it this year? Through the National Novel Writing Month challenge, you can join hundreds of other writers around the world who have committed themselves to completing a novel in a month. Within 1-30 November, you will be challenged to write a novel of 50,000 words long.

Participating in the challenge is completely free, all you need to do is fill in your profile and sign up on the online website. As you complete your novel and meet specific milestones, you will earn writing badges along the way. By signing up, you will also be connected to other participants and published authors that can help support you along the way. Finally, starting on November 20, you will be able to paste the full text of your novel onto the Nanowrimo word-count validator to confirm your win. 

I have committed myself to participating in this challenge and completing my first novel in 2019. Will you join me? 

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