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A Journey Through the Humanity House

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live through a conflict or stand in the shoes of a refugee? The Humanity House in The Hague offers you the unique chance to experience the human story behind disasters both physically and online. 

The Humanity House

Founded in December 2010, The Humanity House receives support from both The Hague and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission. The museum offers a special platform for visitors to experience what it feels like to live through a conflict. As the founders describe in their vision, "By sharing stories, we bring situations far away closer to us." The museum helps visualize situations that are often imaginable. By gathering people together and shedding light on human stories, The Humanity House actively promotes a world of peace and justice.

The Museum

As a student, you can visit the museum for an entrance fee of 5 euros. Once in the museum, you embark on a journey where you will see and hear what it feels like to live through a conflict. Because of its impressive set-up, the museum makes it seem as though you are a refugee yourself. At the end of the journey, you will also get the chance to virtually meet and speak with eight different refugees who each escaped war and conflict. Although the visit can be emotionally difficult, it is definitely meaningful.

A Platform for Education and Lectures

The Humanity House also serves as an important platform for education and lectures that deal with humanitarian issues. To teach youth about such themes, the venue offers educational programmes that allow students to experience how it feels like to live in a refugee camp. They also equips teachers with the necessary tools to encourage young people to learn more about humanitarian issues.

The venue also hosts monthly activities and lectures. I personally learned about The Humanity House through its Facebook listings of events. The great part about their events, is that they deal with a wide spectrum of humanitarian, development and political themes. Last week, I attended a talk co-sponsored by the Clingendael Institute on the future of European politics from the perspectives of Macron, Merkel and Rutte.

In the upcoming weeks, the venue will be hosting many other great events. They can all be found either on the Facebook page or on the event calendar. One of these, will be How is climate change affecting global security? on the 13th of December. This event is an interactive debate about the affect of the climate change on the global security problem. It would lead to conflicts about territory, water and other resources, and also to large scale migration. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore wants to have climate as a topic on the agenda of the Security Council.

Now it is Time for Your Journey 

Located right next to the Grote Markt, The Humanity House is in the center of The Hague. Next time you have a day-off and are looking for something to do, hop onto a tram and visit The Humanity House. The journey through the museum will leave a lasting impression on you. And do not forget to subscribe to their Facebook page to learn more about upcoming events and lectures!

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