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Food trends of Rotterdam

Are you looking for something to do during your final weeks of summer? Why not take a trip to Rotterdam and discover the city's newest food trends! After spending the summer in Rotterdam, I have come up with three restaurants to share with you guys.

As an up and coming city, Rotterdam is constantly opening new restaurants and starting trends. To keep updated with these food spots, my sister and I decided to start an Instagram account dedicated to food and travel. Through our account, we came into contact and discovered many new restaurants in Rotterdam. We picked three of these to highlight: Baker's Dough, Poké Bowl Rotterdam and Mr. Salad. And the best part, these three locations are within a five minute walking distance of eachother in the heart of Rotterdam.

Baker's Dough

After visiting Cookie DŌ in New York City, I was beyond excited to learn that they had opened a cookie dough shop in Rotterdam as well! Baker's Dough is the first cookie dough bar to open in the Netherlands. Situated near the Erasmus University College, the bar is always full of students hanging out with their cups of cookie dough in hand. If you are like me and love licking the cookie batter clean off the spoon, this place is definetly for you! And the best part, the raw dough is completely safe to eat because of the pasturized eggs, milk and flour.  With the many flavors of doughs and unlimited toppings, you are sure to find the right scoop for you. My personal favorite is the Salty Caramel-Brownie Walnut Dough topped with brownie bites and mixed nuts. If you do stop by the bar, make sure to hashtag your pictures with #justdoughit. 

Poké Bowl Rotterdam

Poké Bowls are definetly one of the top foods trending the world right now. Situated right next to the Market Hall, Poké Bowl Rotterdam is the perfect place to stop for a quick lunch. If you have not tried one yet, picture sushi with a tropical flare all mixed into one bowl! YUM! Traditionally a Hawaiian dish, Poké Bowls are delicious and very fun to recreate. The dish is composed traditionally of a steamed rice and/or salad base topped with a protein of your choice and four vegetable/fruit mix-ins. Although you can choose from a menu of standard bowls, I personally like to create my own. My go-to is the Poké mix with salmon, edamame, avocado, mango and corn. If you love sushi like I do, this bowl will really be a mouth pleaser.

Mr. Salad

Today eating healthy has become the new way to eat. Since I am always in search of a new fresh salad bar, I was really glad when Mr. Salad opened up in Rotterdam a few months ago. At Mr. Salad, they believe in "Fresh Eating with Green Living". By pairing up with local suppliers and using organic products, Mr. Salad ensures top quality meals. With their daily selections of fresh salads, wraps, smoothie bowls and juices you can be sure to eat healthy at Mr. Salad. What I like best, is their fresh salad bar where you can personalize your own salad from a variety of ingredients. If you check out their Instagram page (@mister.salad) you can see all their delcious creations. When you visit Rotterdam next time, make sure to check this place out!

These are just three of my favorite spots to eat in Rotterdam, but there are many more! If you want to keep up with all the latest food locations in the city, definetly check out Instagram accounts such as the Rotterdam Foodguide (@rotterdamfoodguide) that will keep you updated on all the best places to eat. Enjoy and bon appétit!

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