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The Venezuelan Crisis

Instituto Cervantes – Domplein 3, Utrecht


Venezuela, a country with once a peaking currency and the world’s largest proven oil reserve, has turned into an almost apocalyptic scene. The political and economic chaos has taken its toll on the people of Venezuela. In August 2018, the UN reported that two million Venezuelans had fled to neighbouring countries since 2014. How did the situation in Venezuela evolve to the point that people cross borders for food and wait hours in line to get fuel for their cars? What will the future bring, now that opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president after Maduro’s win at the 2018 elections? To talk to us about these questions, we will be joined by Soledad Valdivia Rivera. As Assistant Professor Latin American Studies, she is an expert in the construction of democracy and political legitimacy in Latin-America. This lecture is free of charge! Afterwards there will be drinks at Café Hemingway!

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