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Seminar: Killer Robots

Institutio Cervantes Utrecht – Domplein 3, Utrecht


Waging war without soldiers having to be involved? This scenario might be closer than we think, due to the development of killer robots.

Killer robots are autonomous weapon systems that can select and attack a target without the intervention of human control. This means that the system can use deadly violence without direct instructions from a person. This function can be applied to various types of weapons, such as combat tanks, fighter planes or ships. Killer Robots differ from drones in the fact that drones’ targets are often selected from a distance by a human being, whereas killer robots can function fully autonomous.

Such weapon systems of course stir a lot of juricidal, safety and ethical objections. On this evening we will talk about these objections with Miriam Struyk, Program Director Security & Disarmament at PAX.

This lecture is organized as a part of the PAX peace week and in collaboration with CS Ubuntu!

Afterwards we will have drinks at Café Hemingway!

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