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Student Trip to Malta

This summer I went to Malta on vacation. Not only does this island lie at the crossroads of history and civilizations, it is also rich in natural beauty and culture. If you are still searching for a place to visit, why not book a flight to Malta? Here are a few reasons why this island is the perfect destination for students.

Eating on a Budget

Because Malta is located in close proximity to Italy, and still preserves its British influences, its local cuisine recalls some of these cultures. Whether it be a freshly baked pastizzi filled with green peas, or a selection of local olives and sundried tomatoes, Maltese food blends a variety of different flavors together. As a student, I also found Maltese food to be quite affordable. Because of the warm weather, it was easy to content myself during dinner with local platters of olives, fresh ricotta cheese, parmaham, bigilla (broad bean dip), and warm bread. Since we lived across from a small convenience store, purchasing these fresh ingredients every day was easy and also extremely delicious.

When we ate outside, especially during lunch, my favorite option was to stop by a local bakery and buy some fresh pasitizzi (generally 60 cents per pastry). These delicacies are extremely filling and can be filled with either cheese, chicken or green peas. Because we were mostly out of the house during the day, being able to eat out on a budget was really helpful.

Some days, we also went out to eat in a restaurant. After trying out several places in Valetta, these were my two favorite (and affordable) spots:

  1. Kapitali, where you can design your own Maltese food platter and share it with your friends. They also have a huge selection of locally produced and artisanal beers.
  2. Piadina Cafe, where you can stop for lunch and grab a delicious and freshly baked flatbread sandwich.

Incredible Adventures

When you visit Malta, you have the opportunity to discover the beautiful cities of Valetta and Mdina, but also have access to two other little islands, Gozo and Comino. In order to be able to see everything during your stay, I highly recommend you purchase a week-long bus pass that gives you access to all buses for the low price of 21 euros. With this travel pass, you can easily access all the top tourist sights on the islands. If you are looking for a more adventurous option, you can also book a day-long Jeep tour that will take you around the Maltese island with a mid-day stop for lunch.

Another adventure that you certainly must experience, is a boat ride to the crystal and blue lagoons. These day-long boat trips bring you to fantastic cliff and cave formations, as well as crystal clear waters within which to swim. Tip: Do not forget to bring cash with you, as additional features during the ride will mostly only be available through cash transactions!

Romantic Getaway

Malta is also an extremely romantic destination for couples. Not only is the island home to some of the most famous film locations, including Game of Thrones, Troy and the Count of Monte Cristo, it is also filled with beautifully paved roads and magnificent architecture. Since I traveled there with my boyfriend, one of my highlights of the trip was our dinner in Mdina. As the original capital of Malta, Mdina is a beautifully fortified city also known as the "Silent City" of the island. At night, the city is lit only by torch light which gives off both a medieval and magical atmosphere. Discovering this city at night is definitely a romantic experience you should not miss!

And Finally...the Night Life!

The great thing about going out in Malta, is that the drinks are very affordable! If you are in search of a fun night out, St. Julians Bay is by the far the best location on the island. Because the clubs are located close together and most do not require an entrance fee, it is easy to check out several locations in a single evening. Personally, my favorite club was Footloose because of its throwback music and wide selection of tasty and affordable drinks. One thing to remember if you are traveling to St. Julians Bay from another city, however, is that most buses stop running around 23:30. So make sure to bring cash for a cab ride back in the evening.

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Utrecht Studentenstad

Het studentenleven in Utrecht is druk, gezellig en elke dag anders. Utrecht Studentenstad verzamelt daarom handige tips, toffe hotspots, de nieuwste kamers en de laatste vacatures voor studenten. Zo beleef jij een fantastische studententijd in Utrecht!

Studeren in Utrecht

Je bent er uit, je start met studeren in Utrecht. De basis van je studententijd is het kiezen van de onderwijsinstelling en studie die bij jou past.

Werken in Utrecht

Ga je in Utrecht studeren? Dan wil je vast werken naast je studie en misschien moet je ook wel een stage lopen. Ben je op zoek naar een leuke bijbaan in of rondom Utrecht en de beste studiegerelateerde stages?

Wonen in Utrecht

Ga je studeren in Utrecht? Dan is het ook superleuk om daar op kamers te wonen! Utrecht heeft studenten namelijk veel te bieden.


Studeren en het bijbehorende studentenleven is leuk, maar het kost hartstikke veel geld.

Vrije tijd

Na een dag hard studeren en colleges volgen heb je wel wat ontspanning verdiend. Dat komt goed uit, want er is altijd wel wat leuks te doen in Utrecht Studentenstad.


Tot vroeg in de ochtend bier drinken in de kroeg, weinig slapen, wonen in een studentenhuis en ongezond eten.